Element Overrides AFTER changing the active view?

Hello All,

I have a workflow, as below, which creates a new 3D view and then turns everything off other than Structural Columns and Structural Foundations. It should also then turn all of these elements red (in the view) but i’m having no success getting the elements to change colour after running the workflow once.

If i run the dynamo for a second time then it does turn it all red but i’d like it to work after the first run of the graph. I’m not very knowledgable with Transactions / Passthroughs but i have tried a mix of everything.

Dyn attached.
Auto Pilecap Placement - Create View Only.dyn (37.2 KB)

Would be great if anyone could give me a pointer :slight_smile:

I have now realised that it is changing the colour of the elements in the “ActiveView” before the New 3D view is created. So i need a way of forcing dynamo to realise that the active view has changed.
Or i need a node that allows input of view to override elements in.

Will keep digging.

I will do otherwise,

  • I create the 3D view
  • I select all items in the “DS.All Elements In View (s)” view
  • I create a filter to separate the elements to color and hide

Tasks follow each other

Typical. After hours of attempts i finally get it working 3 minutes after making this post :slight_smile:

Auto Pilecap Placement - Create View Only FIXED.dyn (42.8 KB)

For anyone interested.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:
At some point i may return to this and try to simplify but for now i’m going to move on as this is just a small piece of the puzzle as such.