Element.geometry not working for ceiling category?

Are you aware of any reasons why element.geometry does not translate ceilings as it does translate walls or floors or even rooms?



There are some types of Revit elements that will not return any geometry. The Basic Ceiling system family is one of them (probably because it’s not a solid object). If you work with ceilings from the Compound Ceiling system family the Element.Geometry node should return the ceiling geometry like with any other system family that has a compound structure.

Thanks Andreas

Your suggestion did solve the problem and ceiling geometry are now visible. Thank you very much!
My ambition is to create a patch which automatically raises the ‘limit offset’ of all rooms to the ‘height offset from level’ of the ceilings above the respective rooms.

In order to relate a room to ITS predominant ceiling, I am trying to intersect the room’s location z-vector with the ceiling above before writing the ceiling height to the room’s limit offset. Do you believe this is a workable method?

As long as your ceilings are horizontal this seems like a robust workflow. I would probably add floors and roofs as possible top boundaries as well since you will probably not always have a suspended ceiling in every room of your project (think service areas). Then for each room find the closest intersection point and subtract the room location’s Z value from it to get the room height.