Rooms to element.geometry : missing item

I’m using a “categories” node connected to an “all elements of category” node to grab all rooms.

When I use an “element.geometry” node to generate geometry of each room I’m missing one room.

rooms to geometry : troubleshooting







I’ve tried manipulating the list of rooms by reversing it and isolating the problem room. This one room seems unable to be generated as geometry. I’ve compared its parameters to other rooms as well – nothing unusual.

Any ideas for how to further troubleshoot this room? What all can cause “element.geometry” to be unable to generate the geometry of a room?

Found it.

I had a very very tiny gap (less than 1/32") between a ceiling and wall finish, which both acted as room boundaries.

Apparently this is tolerable for revit and its volume calculations, but unacceptable for generating rooms as geometry in dynamo.

Hope this helps someone else.

room to geometry : remove gap

good catch,

and I have noticed that very thinn walls (<75mm) will create comparable issues.