Element from Element.Geometry

HI All

I got an issue with the note Element.Geometry and set.parameter.by.name. The issue is that when my elements has been changed to geometry, then I can´t see the element ID. That brings the issue when I want to set the parameter by name according to my list of geometry. Are there some tricks to solve the issue?


Can you not just take your wires from ‘All Elements of Category’ instead :slight_smile: ?

Hi Sol

Thanks for the obvious solution. The case is that the model consist of basic walls and curtain walls. The Element.Geometry node will change the basic wall into “solids” and the curtain wall into “empty list”. The Flattern node will remove the “Empty list” from the list. If I use the original list from All.Element then Dynamo will mix up the original list and the sorted list and it would result in an incorrect result. Therefore I would like to use the list after the Flattern node.


palle, the only time you have access to element ids is in the beginning of your script.

after that you are dealing with solids and solids are no revit elements hence there is noid available.

what you can do is to check for empty list elements (false / true) and map that to the original list of walls.

Thanks Peter

It solved the issue.