Element.Geometry Parameters

Hi there,

I wonder if after I created a solid with Element.Geometry node, I’d be able to change any parameter of that created solid like solid height.

For instance, I created a solid from a room and now, I would like to change the solid height. could I be possible?



Hi Manel,


I am pretty sure that once you get the geometry of an element, all changes you make will be pure dynamo geometry. If you want to access and set the parameters of the geometry of that element, you need to adress the element itself. The node element.parameters will give you the list of the parameters. getparamatervaluebyname and setparameterbyname will then allow you to implement the changes you want.


Thks Mostafa,

The thing is that I need to change the solid item without changing the element.

Maybe a solution is: Change the room height, Create a solid and change back the room height.



My bad I thought you wanted to change the room height! :slight_smile:

if you just want a solid that is similar to the room volume but with a different height, maybe you can do sometgin like this: (the excellent room boundaries node is from clockwork)


Thks Mostafa,

As I said, I did it changing the room height, creating a solid and changing the room height back, but your way is easier and better.

“Geometry.Scale” provides another option:

If you need to control the increase in height by distance…

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Thks everybody