Electrical Voltage Parameters - Need help with Voltage Values

I am working on an electrical calculation that pulls data from shared and system parameters from “Electrical Circuits” category. Dynamo is able to pull all of the necessary information, I am able to process everything I need, however I cannot get the resulting voltage to place without converting:

Example: Resulting voltage to be placed in “TP DYN - ACCUM VOLT DROP” shared parameter reports as 4.19V in Dynamo (correct value) and when looking at the schedule in Revit, it reads 0.4V. Same with the sample circuit voltage I pulled reads “5166.67…” for 480V.

I am quite new to Dynamo, does anyone know if I am overlooking how Dynamo reads voltage / conversions?

Thank you!

Hi Shane,
There is a custom node from “Lunch Box” package called “LunchBoxGetParameter” use that node to get actual values 480 V.

That worked perfectly for reading the values, Is there a known way to now place number values to an “Electrical Potential” type parameter in Revit?

The one I am struggling with is the 4.19 number calculated in Dynamo that needs to get back to Revit as 4.19V.

Thank you!

Add code block and do the below changes before “Element.SetParameter” node.

Thanks again.
From my testing, the multiplier does not seem to be a constant for different voltages. My solution is not ideal, but what I ended up doing is making the parameter unit-less in Revit and used a calculated value to convert to volts (multiplied by a 1V parameter) and divide out for resulting percent in Revit. If anyone knows of something that works with voltage units, I am sure we will end up running into this issue again without an available work-around.

You can try to convert the values with a python node with this content:

import clr
from Autodesk.Revit.DB import *

OUT = UnitUtils.ConvertFromInternalUnits(IN[0],DisplayUnitType.DUT_VOLTS)

Read this for issues with Voltage and other units in Revit.