Issue with getting Exact Parameters Value

Im just trying to get values of Type Parameters in dynamo , But I’m not getting exact values any one please help me with this . See attached inline pic for more details .


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Looks like a units issue. What Revit and Dynamo versions are you using?

Hi @sriramscottch

use codeblock and type x/10.764 will get you what you need.

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I’m using Revit 2017 and Dynamo core and Revit

Ok got it. But Can you Please explain me which stops getting exact value?

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I did that but still not fetching exact values .
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ElectricalSystem.Voltage property returns a value that is about 10.76391 times the expected value in Volts, i.e., you get 1291.669 instead of 120 V. Revit is using some non-standard unit for voltage.

Electrical potential can be defined using the following more fundamental units:

(Length2 * Mass) / (Time3 * Current).

In Revit, this formula makes use of the following units:

  • Length: feet
  • Mass: kg
  • Time: s
  • Current: A

Hope that makes sense now?

Try downloading latest dynamo version 1.3.3 or 2.0.1 and you will see this problem has been solved.

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Use Math.Round node at the end.

Thank you very much . Will download Latest version and try it .

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ok will try it.

I tried in Dynamo 2.0 . It works great , Issue resolved .
Thank you very much.

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