Writing Load Value from Excel Sheet to Load Parameter

Hey everyone,

I’ve been using dynamo occasionally for a few years now, and run into a problem I can’t seem to find a solution for, or has a forum post.

I have a large amount of electrical equipment in an excel sheet, that has an associated electrical load. I am able to import the data, isolate the elements that correspond, but can’t figure out how to write the load parameter for the element. Attached is a screencap of what I have so far.

I think the main issue is the units of the load parameter being VA, not just a standard number.

I’d start by using the OotB node (so you can see the errors) and fixing your list structure so that the values and elements are the same.

Thanks for the advice Nick,

I couldn’t find the OotB node you mentioned. Is there a specific package its under?

The list part matches the correct elements, the main issue I’m having is I cannot write the numerical load value into the “Electrical Load” parameter. The “Electrical Load” parameter is stored as VA, and I’m assuming I cant overwrite the load values with numerical values is due to the units, or type of parameter.

Is there a way to convert my excel load information into Revit’s “apparent load” type of parameter.

SetParameterByName is the node. OotB (out of the box) just means that the node is part of the standard installation of Dynamo, not from a package.

I pointed out your list structure because your elements seem to be in a list of lists (@L3) while your values are a flattened list (@L2). This could be causing some lacing issues (though likely not).

Apparent Power is still represented by a number. Your object type is fine.

Hey Nick,

It was the “set parameter” node. The OotB one did the trick.

Thanks for the help! and lingo explanation.