Editing TextNote

Hello, I am brand new to Dynamo so my question may seem foolish or boring but I really can’t understand what I am missing…

I am trying to add a prefix to the beginning of a set of textnotes in a drafting view. When I look at Dynamo results, It seems like I have been successful, however, nothing changes in my revit file when I run. Please tell me what is wrong with my Dynamo script. Thanks! Sara

It is not working because your graph is not actually doing a transaction with revit. It is just creating the list within dynamo. To change the element’s parameters in Revit, you can use the Element.SetParameterByName node and put a string containing ‘Text’ as the parametername input, the list of elements as the element input, and the output of your string replace node as the value.

Go check out this post. I think you will find what you are looking for.


So I tried your suggestion and received this as output in Dynamo and no change was done in Revit. what does this mean? Thanks for your help!

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Hey Sean, “Set Text” node from dynamo failed to succeed, however, a custom node from “Clockwork” also called “Set Text” did it! Thanks for the hint! :slight_smile:


I am also very new and have a similar issue, but I’m trying to find numbers in a text note and replace it with another number. I wanted to find all text notes that are numbered “1” and replace them with “14”, however the script finds ALL text notes that contain 1 and replaces them with 14 (e.g. it replaced all my text notes that were numbered “17” which i don’t want. How can I modify the script to search text notes that ONLY contain 1? Any help is appreciated, thanks!