Set TextNote.SetText from Scratch

Hello, I checke a previous thread here,
and another one here, they
The question can I use the TExtNote.SetText without using any replacement for strings, just plain override?
The definition I am doing is reading text note from CAD file and the goal is to keep their content and transfer to Revit text notes.
At the moment return null

Where are the text notes coming from? If they are the part of a link or you cannot modify them manually for some reason, than Dynamo can’t modify it either. Try to create new text notes with TextNote.ByLocation, and put the value there.

Please also show a bigger screenshot of your script showing where your TextNote objects are coming from.

Thank for the reply.
Text notes are from REVIT.
I will attach the full definition

the value is from CAD.

Use a list.Flatten before SetText after StringFromObject. It seems value input has 4 levels, while textNote input has 2. Or use list@levels, I see you used it on other nodes. I think this is your problem, your graph seems fine.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I have already tried that. Result is still null


Have you checked your model for changes? The “void” output suggests that this node wasn’t intended to have a meaningful output.
Also returning null; however in Revit space the changes have taken place.

Great. You are right. Changes happened as planned but the node return nulls…weird signalling Though. I will put a node to say success if null :joy:

It is strange, similar nodes will pass through the element if successful and return null if failed.