Editing multiple family parameters

I’m trying to get every basically every parameter from every family in a model all at once and control the parameter values from an Excel sheet. Any thoughts? I haven’t don’t much as far as codes go because I’m not quite sure where to begin with something of this scale.

Hi @frank.v.smith,

My first move would be to download the Orchid package which is probaly the best Dynamo package for editing in the family document. You can manage family parameters through that package.

Next move would be downloading archi-net and bumblebee packages to get Excel-to-Dynamo packages.

Hope that helpes.

I have Orchid and archi-net, and I’ll get bumblebee now. Any ideas on what nodes in there may be hepful?

Not easy to see what you want:

some examles:

I’ll get to work on this and see if I can get a clearer picture for the thread. Thank you for the help so far though!