Changing family documents parameter

Hi, new to Revit and Dynamo so probably a question with a simple answer.
In a new adaptive family file I’m trying to change the ‘Can host rebar’ family parameter to 1, however having trouble adressing it and when getting all the family document’s parameters it doesnt seem to be listet.

Without you showing any work so far is it not easy to help you… however, if you want to do something within family documents, then I have several nodes for that.

get the package at GitHub… GitHub - erfajo/OrchidForDynamo: This repository contains the content of the Orchid package for Dynamo

Thanks for the reply. Already working with the orchid package and I would show something if I wasnt missing its family type for the Parameter.SetValue node. The node ‘Family Types’ doesnt show anything fitting and in the node ‘Parameters’ that parameter is not even listed.

When you have something you think could benefit, then please upload what you have. you could also upload images from inside Revit pointing on the thing you want to do something about.

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