Get parameters of loaded families in Revit project and link parameters to Excel


I am looking for a way to manage BIM data in bulk.

My idea would be to load a Revit project with a library of families and set up a link for their parameters to excel. Is this possible in Dynamo?

It seems like it would be possible but “Catagories” will only pick up families in the model and I want to create lists of all loaded families in the project.

Hi, linking Revit parameters lists to Excel through Dynamo is totally possible. You will find plenty of examples of it by using the search field. The nodes mainly used for this are Element.GetParameterValueByName, Excel.WriteToFile, and most of the time list management and dictionaries nodes. You could also be interested in this dedicated package:
You will easily find tutorials on this topic online. See for instance what’s on the Learn page: Another entry point is to take a look at what’s available on YouTube.
Lastly, you can post here your first attempts in order to get further advice…

So finally, I have installed clockwork and archilab and had a look at bumblebee and after following the below threat am able to generate lists of parameter names and values, see this thread: [](](
I have come up with a big list of parameter names and need to remove duplicates in order to progress

I am reading the thread below on how to do that, but it seems I have a later version of the GroupByKey node mentioned in the thread below and I can’t get it to work (I have tried different combinations of the un-linked nodes you see.)

I am getting a good result using List.UniqueItems

I misunderstood this node, from what I can observe it seems to remove duplicates from lists as desired