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Hello dynamo gurus,

I have a graph that modify railing paths in groups, currently only railings with one segment.

The problem (behaviour) that we are facing is that the elements of the group within the group instance that we use through dynamo to apply changes are highlighted as excluded.

The other problem is that once I run the script the next time I try to run it I Revit doesnt let me do it, see capture 1.

Another problem is that we cannot create a new instance of these groups as the include a path 3d, not sure what is this, please see capture 2.

What are we doing wrong here? do you know a better workflow to do this?

Attached rvt and graph.

Edit groups1.rvt (2.9 MB)

Modify railing path in groups (One Segment).dyn (28.3 KB)

Many thanks in advance

I guess is not possible as the Revit API doesnt allow to access to edit group.

This is as far as I have gotten in the past, might provide some insights. In the end I think I built an alternative workflow that didn’t use groups… :thinking:

Thanks Ewan,

Not using groups is a pain, I hope the Revit API will let us access to this as some point.

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