Edit Family Type Parameters in Linked Files, yes its possible

I made a graph that allows you to edit any family type parameter, for any built in category, in all your immediately linked revit files. You can either specify the specific family type to edit, or push the edit to all family types of a given family across all your immediately linked files. The graph requires no packages, just a bit of python magic and the standard dynamo nodes. Example below, download link underneath. Let me know if you get it working, or if you have any problems. Make sure to read the READ ME note.

Click here for link to see video example on Youtube, there’s no audio cause it was just a screen recording showing the functionality.

EditTypParamInLnk.dyn (24.2 KB)

Cameron Zuziak
Technical Designer - JZMK Partners


UDPATE: Toggle between all links or top level links. Bug patches.

more info:
Here’s the updated file, I added functionality to toggle between just top level links, or all links (top level and nested links). I also patched an error with setting the parameter value. You have two choose wether the parameter is a string or integer. For example if you’re setting fire rating of a door type in links, you click true for string, and enter your value as a string of characters (on a side note this will throw an error on the string.toNumber node, which can be ignored as the output of that node is filtered out). Now let’s say your changing the height of a door type in all your linked files, the input for the type parameter would need to be passed in as an int or double, so you would click false for number and type in the height you want. It is important that you enter the number value as a single integer. If you want your door to be changed from 6’-8" to 6’-6", then you enter 6.5 as your input value. Please comment or give me any feedback on the graph, or comment any ideas for scripts related to the topic of editing linked files.

EditTypParamInLnk.dyn (30.1 KB)

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