Overlapping lines

Hello everybody !
I am trying to draw floors from room boundaries. The problem is that for some of the rooms, I cannot get a polycurve from curves because some of the curves are overlapping (I suppose). Does anybody have an idea ?

You can create Wrchitectural Floors from Room Boundaries this way:

In older versions of Revit API than 2022 there was no option to create a Floor with more than one closed curve. Therefore you inevitabily come across an error when there is an inner island in the Room Boundary.

This is common when a column or wall which is not connected to the bounding walls is in the middle of the room. My approach in older versions of Revit is to temporarily turn off the Room Bounding for these elements in the middle. Then run the script and create the floors and then turn Room Bounding on again.

If your trouble really are overlapping lines you can try this approach:

It removes all curves with identical Start Points and End Points even when they are reversed and gets just unique curves. I am treating just straight lines with equal length that’s why it can be so simple. If you need to do something like the Overkill command, it would be probably more difficult.

Hi David ! Thanks a lot for your response. Could you send me the dyn file so that I can test it ?

Unfortunatelly I am not allowed to upload files. Try to downlload slightly more complex script (Right Click and Save Linked Content As) on my bitbucket which you can adapt.

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Hi @davidvadkerti …your can use webtransfer or whatever, just share the link here :wink:

it is available on the link in my previous post :slight_smile:
here it is on WeTransfer