Dynmo clockwork package/ revit 2024

hope to all of you beautiful time.
I want to select all families under specific category, so I select targeted category then using (all family types of categories) but there is no result the final result is (null) actually I uploaded families to the targeted category.
does anyone know the reason?
also does the previous versions packages work properly in Dynamo/Revit 2024?

Hi @gkhalifah and welcome to the forum…clockwork should be version 2.6 for 2024 and be sure you have dynamoironpython 2.7 package installed as well…see if it could work

thank you, sir, yes, I download dynamoironpython 2.7 and its work.
does all packages work on Dynamo/Revit 2024?

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not all, depends their are upgraded for that


To add on, if a package uses Python it will generally be hanging back in IP2.7 currently. As far as I know there isn’t a way to straddle both Python engines and support lower than Revit 2021 currently, so most package devs just assume you will install the IP2.7 package. For packages using zero touch/C# it generally wont matter.