Dynashape problem

{Dynamo1.3, revit2016}
I try to turn it into Inflate Roof, but still some problems!Please help, thank you

!test-0821.rvt (2.8 MB)Dynashape-InflateRevitRoof-0823.dyn (38.5 KB)

Thanks for the sample files. The initial grid was not dense enough so I revised.

Dynashape-InflateRevitRoof-0823.dyn (39.0 KB)


Thank you very much, I think I have succeeded

Also would like to ask

  1. There are ways to convert the roof to face and link to revit?
    (I tried to refer to this, but did not get the answer)

  2. Can convert each point of the roof to coordinates?(Is this possible?like this)1503537909667
    If so, what kind of node should I use, please enlighten, thanks

I suggest to consult the basics of Dynamo for that. There are good explanations and illustrations for starting something here:

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Also, this.


Thank you ~ that’s exactly what I need

hi john
ı want to cover surface something like this
ı create a list with four points but it cover each one point family
how can ı fix this
please help me
thanks a lot

Hi, Can you help me?
I’m using Dynashape packge, but when I create a geometry, I don´t know how do I put this geometry in my revit. There isn’t when I look my revit. I need this geometry to create a roof but I can´t do