"Dynamo Needs Attention" : I'm Having Trouble running my graph in Dynamo Player


I’m finally running my graph in dynamo without any errors. However, when I try to run it in Dynamo Player I get the following error messages:



What am I doing wrong?

Override Interior Elevation Crop Boundaries Lineweight 2018.11.15.dyn (62.6 KB)

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Sometimes I got the same problem, I think it happens If your graph is made with Dynamo 2.0, you have both versions installed and you first opened version 1.3 or didn’t pick the version yet. Or maybe viceversa.
Which version did you use? Try first opening that version, close Dynamo and then run Dynamo Player.

Anyway your graph is not visible, when you export the screenshot take care that the graph is zoomed enough that the text is visible :wink:


The image is large enough if you click on it, just spread out on their screen :wink:

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Like @lucamanzoni asked, what versions of Dynamo and Revit are you working in?

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Typically Revit 2018 and Dynamo 2.0, sometimes Revit 2016 depending on the project age. What needs to be done in order to run a graph created in Dynamo 2.0 on Dynamo Player within a Revit 2016 file? Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

Dynamo 2.0 will not run in 2016. See here:



Thanks for sharing. Do I need to recreate a graph made in 2.0 from scratch in 1.3 in order for the graph to run in Dynamo Player during a Revit 2016 session? Or is there another way? I couldn’t find specific info on this in the link you shared.

That link was intended to inform of the Dynamo version comparability relative to Revit version. There is no way to go backwards from a 2.x graph to a 1.x graph, so you would have to rebuild the content from scratch.

See this blog post from the launch of 2.0 for further information:


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