DynamoForRebar: Revit won't generate rebars



I have a model made in AutoCad exported to Revit in which I am trying to add reinforcement. The object is a generic model in Revit. I have made a Dynamo-script that works fine with some test projects (made in Revit) and generates rebar flawlessly in these. However, when I’m using this srcript on the AutoCad-model, Revit won’t generate any rebar. The script gives no errors and it produces lines for the rebar in Revit (it also produces Rebar Containers, see figs.), thus implying that it is working as it should. I therefore suspect that the problem might be due to the fact that the model is made in AutoCad and not in Revit, thus not getting all the benefits of a “pure” Revit element. Does anyone have any experiences with this? It would be greatly appreciated.


And yes, I have checked “can host rebar” in the family editor.