Reinforcement from cad to revit by dynamo

if i have shop drawing for reinforcement in autocad file and i want to insert these rebars in revit , how can dynamo help in this mission by reading the rebars data in autocad and create it in revit

“rebars data in autocad” ?
You car read the dwg geometries, like lines and create your reinforcements on revit using that. Of course you should find the way to have at least an host, diameter, spacing…
Curves, Diameter, and spacing can be achieved from autocad


so you have suggestions or dynamo script for that?

my first suggestion is Avoid cad. Always. :smile:
Then, you can:

  • use Bimorph nodes for read dwg geometries
  • use Structural Design (tomasz fudala) for creating rebars with previous curves
  • try to find the most probabile host with testing BoundingBox if contains your location point (if cad is at least aligned as coordinates) otherwise, you can prompt for user input with Data-Shapes nodes.

Try post some work, we can guide you and upgrade the tool.

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thanks Fabio
but I am talking about special case , which we already have shop drawings for reinforcement in autocad file and I want to model these rebars exactly as it is in autocad file with its meta data . my case is not start make shop drawings from scratch in revit or anything else . but this case exactly and thanks for your response and i will try your suggestions and share again in the forum what i got
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