Rebar created in dynamo not showing in Revit

Hello all!
I just created a code which is supposed to create longitude Rebars from curves and place them the Revit Column.
The node is showing that it created the Rebar element but it is not showing in the Revit project. Any suggestion?
(The Stirrup rebars in the column were created prior)


Looks like its being created Exactly on the Edge of the columns. although it might be obvious, maybe select all in view and look at rebar count.

It’s not at the edge - I offset it by about 3.5 cm…

Have you tried to search by Element ID?

I don’t understand what you mean. Search the ElementID in the Revit project? If so it should be seen, no?

I have the same problem now, ive narrowed it to the ‘Vector’ being wrong.