Imported Geometry from Dynamo change

Hey guys,

i am trying to create automated Dynamo scripts that create multiple rebar distributions. One thing that is very important in the modeling and reinforcement sheet creation process is that the model has to be adaptive to changes. I created a simple rebar script but when i make a change and run it again the rebars in revit don’t change. Only if i delete the rebars first and run it then again. But i really want to avoid that bc the rebars already got annoted.

Anyone knows a solution for that?

Here’s a dummy file (.rvt + .dyn):

Thanks for the help!

Look hard at element binding as this offers the behavior you want: Element Binding in Revit

Hey @JacobSmall,

as i understood the article as long as element binding is “on” it should update the revit model.

Element Binding is active for my .dyn file and it updates the geometry in dynamo but not in Revit (distribution changed from 0.5m to 0.1m (“Abstand Eisen”))

This will depend on how your graph is written as well. See the full AU course for more info.

Hey @JacobSmall,

very interesting AU class, I think I understood the concepts now. Now I wrote a Dynamo script and avoided nodes from packages. But I couldn’t avoid using a create.freeformrebar node from the structural design package and as you can see in the video every time I run the script it creates new elements and does not update it.
So my question here now is how can I create free form rebars with dynamo nodes not using packages?

You find the video here:

and I want to create free form rebars from polycurves

I am not aware of another node for this - what package is it from? You may have to reach out to the package author and ask them to change it, or dive into the Revit API and build your own version of that node.

It’s from the Structural Design package of Tomasz Fudala.

I texted him and he includes element binding in all of his nodes. So it should work, but it doesn’t

I don’t believe that node is from the structural design package. Can you post the dyn and an RVT which it can run on?

Here is a sample .rvt and .dyn:

Well, I can confirm the node in question is from the Structural Design package, and that the bindings are not serializing into the file. I’ve reached out to Tomasz (who is a coworker of mine) to see if I can get confirmation myself.

As a work-around you could try creating a basic custom node using the node in question. This node would have to be distributed to everyone who uses the graph, but I believe that would incorporate bindings by default to permit ‘updating’ of content as discussed.

okay… thanks :slight_smile: