Dynamobim website quirks

@Racel- not sure if this is for you ?

For those that remember the old web site- this new one is way better !

However- I have noticed a few quirks:

  1. The links at the top of the page don’t work once you are in ‘forum’. i.e. you can’t go to ‘learn’ or ‘blog’
  2. As a serial job-changer (and one-time Autodesk employee) , I have a myriad of Autodesk IDs- but I choose to use my personal one for the forum as it is constant. However- depending on the browser- it always tries to log me on with the Autodesk ID I have used for Autodesk apps on that PC, and you can’t over-ride it.


hello @Andrew_Hannell,
that happens to me once, i thinks it’s something from your internet connection or firewall or any restriction . that was from our company internet policy

That happened to me on my home pc. I had to log out of my old AU ID, sign in to my new one then it worked. Took me a while to figure it out though, I didn’t realise I was logged in!

I get around this by using a different browser for my forum stuff which is tied to my personal account. No need to switch users this way and I can actually be in both.

@Andrew_Hannell - About the links on the top of the page. They are working for me. Can you try hard refreshing your browser?

Hi Racel

Yes, the problem with the links seems to be browser specific- on OSX Safari or Chrome it is ok
The problem is with Windows with both IE11 & Edge

It only occurs when you are in ‘Forum’ and want to go somewhere else such as 'blog’
The other direction say ‘blog’–>forum is fine

I note all the others are dynamobim.org- just the forum is dynamobim.com


Thanks, @Andrew_Hannell. We will look into it. IE is always slightly different.