Weird issues loggin forum and blank page


Something is wrong with the forum and the user names in the Autodesk accounts. It’s difficult to explain but it causes that under certain circumstances the forum only displays a plain text column menu in the left side and it’s impossible to log in or see the posts.

It doesn’t allow to log at all under chrome and forced me to create a new account under explorer with the user name franciscusm1 (previous one was franciscusm).

All this happens when changing domains at the office. IT resetted my user account and it worked again in explorer with a new autodesk account but don’t work with chrome at all.

dynamo forum

Any clues on what’s going on?


Hi @franciscusm1

Have you tried restarting chrome?

If it doesn’t help try to reset browser settings. Go to setting of your Chrome Browser, scroll down to advanced settings click the browsing data and reset the browser settings.

Yes. And removing all browser data. Tried with Edge, Explorer and Chrome. Creating a new Windows user account fixes the problems but once I try to log in the problem appears again. Can’t find a solution or explanation.

There is some combination between my Autodesk account and Dynamo Forum that triggers a bug. If it helps the Autodesk account I’m using has two emails linked together.

Only solution I’ve found is using TOR browser. Dynamobim web asked something about the page is using HTML5 to try to identify this computer as an unique machine: Accept / Cancel. Clicked cancel just in case.

This weird thing got IT guy tired of me lol.