Tutorials Videos Issue

Hi all,

I am new to this forum and I have started learning dynamo through the tutorials on the website. However, I cannot open the Advanced Tutorials for Dynamo 1.X at this address:
Has anyone had same issue with the videos, and have any advice on this for me?

Hi, @FatemehZangi welcome to the community!

Here are some useful links.

DiRoots - YouTube

Aussie BIM Guru - YouTube


Hi Vijay,

Thank you, very useful links!

Thanka for the shoutout @_Vijay!

@FatemehZangi it is worth noting that version 1.X is quite old now and we typicallt use 2.X builds these days in revit 2020 and beyond. 2.0.4 can be installed in older versions manually.

I’d suggest sticking to the 2.X primer/resources where possible.

@solamour might be an issue with the 1.X resources if they’re still being maintained.


Thanks for the advice! That’s right. I should stick to the latest version.


We will look at this! The links, while outdated content wise from modern Dynamo, should still work.

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I would Echo @GavinCrump here and recommend sticking to the 2.X series! :relaxed:

The 1.X stuff is conceptually useful, but quite deviated now from modern Dynamo. Nodes named differently, approaches refined, UI changed etc. Once you are familiar with Dynamo they can help educate from a theoretical perspective, but to start would just cause confusion.


The Dynamo Office Hours YouTube series could also help you get started: Dynamo Office Hours - YouTube


@FatemehZangi - After a lot of investigation we found that our hosting of the videos had been shutdown from another part of Autodesk. We are now back up and running on the Dynamo Youtube Channel - Advanced Tutorial set where you can watch them!

We are working on updating the website links directly from these Youtube hosted videos :slight_smile:


And they are now correctly set back up on the Dynamobim.org website :raised_hands:


Thank you so much for your help and updating us. This a helpful source for learning - I will continue watching them along with the sources for updated versions.

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You are most welcome @FatemehZangi ! Hopefully they are fruitful to you on your Dynamo journey and open doors not yet opened to worlds not yet imagined :raised_hands: