Dynamo won't display the number node

I am trying to follow with one tutorial getting started with dynamo and I have this problem with the number node and with quite a few other components (nodes?) in Dynamo, that simply can't be loaded:

Any ideas?



Hi Kaloyan,

32 bit shouldn't change anything about Dynamo (although the Vasari analysis tools may be compromised). In moving your addins, I wonder if you might have left some other pieces of the application behind. Please uninstall and reinstall, you shouldn't have to manually change anything.


Hey Zach,

Im attaching an image of how it looks here, thanks!

Let me know what you think.

Im also running on an old computer (2GB Ram, 32 bit windows) - maybe that is a reason also for the analysis tab in Vasari being inactive - i have placed all the addins in the Appdata folder, but I miss that .dll file Tech..something...

Hi Kalo,

You mean you are trying to add the Number node (and others) from the browse/search and they do not appear in the workspace? Can you start of Dynamo and then hit View>Show Console and see what the messages are? I'm guessing that your install had a hiccup and you might just need to reinstall.