Node Library absent

I installed the latest build (0.6.1 released 10/14/13) and the node library doesn't appear. Suggestions?

Working now.

This is what I did..

- Uninstalled Dynamo from the Windows Control Panel

- Deleted the folder 'Core'

- Repaired/reinstalled Vasari

- Installed Dynamo.


Vikram Subbaiah

Using 0.6.0.

I'll try to install the latest build again and let you know if I'm successful.



Vikram subbaiah

Afraid your log doesn't really give us much information about this issue. Are you still having the problem? If not, do you know how you got out of the state?



can you upload the log file? C:/Autodesk/Dynamo/core/dynamologs

Just downloaded the latest experimental build and have the same problem. Node library and search bar absent. Any work around?

However it's alright when I reinstall 0.6.0

Reinstalled and did what you suggested. No luck

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling (with a fresh download) and had the same problem.

I'm using two monitors, could that have caused the problem.

I've uninstalled 0.6.1 and gone back to 0.6.0.

I'll install it again and look for the little glyph.



Vikram Subbaiah

Looks like you might have it pulled all the way over to the side somehow? If you hover over the left side edge you should get the little right-left <-> glyph that allows you to pull it out. Not sure how you might have gotten into that state . . .