Failed to install Dynamo

Hey Guys,

I just treid to install the updated version of dynamo and got this message when starting Vasari:

"Failed to initialize the add-in "Dynamo For Vasari" because an application already exists with this AddInID node."

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong how I can fix this?

Thx in advance!

Thanks Zach, that was the problem... There was an older Version of Dynamo inside that folder called DynamoforVasari_Beta-1_WIP... After deleting it, Dynamo works...

Can you check in this folder to see if there is any other .addin file except for Dynamo.addin:


Yes I am using the latest 0.4.0 installer, I didn't install other plugins....

Hi Jarek,

Are you using the 0.4.0 installer? What other plugins do you have installed?