Dynamo Studio and Revit interactivity

I’ve been using Dynamo quite a while now and was thinking about maybe starting to use Dynamo Studio.
The reason for it has mostly to do with stability, I’ve been having issues for months now with no version of Dynamo from 1 and higher installing (Dynamo 1.2.1 refuses to install).
However, when looking up information about Dynamo Studio I was getting the idea that it is not as Revit focused as “regular” Dynamo.
So, aside from potential stability (if that even makes a difference) is there any reason to get Dynamo Studio when you’re solely using it for Revit interaction?

Dynamo Studio does not have the ability to work with any Revit interaction at all, so if you need any kind of Revit interaction you cannot use Studio.

So to answer your question, no, if you’re using Revit do not use Dynamo Studio.

If you’re only using geometry/list management etc then Studio is for you.

@Nick_Boyts says it quite nicely in this post:

It has been my experience that if you have “heavy” graphs then both calculation time and working in them can be eased greatly by using custom nodes (I’ve personally seen an increase in speed of my calculation of 4x using custom nodes to handle the heavy calculations)


That’s what I thought but seemed rather bizarre so I wanted to know for certain.
I’m not creating a lot of geometry but I am doing a ton of list management, but just for Revit.