"Dynamo Update is Available" Weirdness

As the title states, I’m experiencing what I would describe as being rather weird behavior regarding the Dynamo update system (or maybe I’m simply not understanding it):

  1. I was using Dynamo and noticed this update prompt:

  1. To which I clicked yes and then nothing happened after closing Dynamo/Revit. As in: no download prompts, install GUIs or anything. So I opened up Revit/Dynamo again and checked the version:

  1. So it looks it did update, maybe? Right? But then after a little while the green download button once again appeared, so I checked the version again:

  1. Which appears to be the same, but is now red and not Up-to-date

What the heck gives?



I dont get this update notice, but it is correct that there is released a 1.3.3 (4651)
The current one should be 1.3.2 (2480)

I have tested on some other computers… the 1.3.3 update is now officially the latest version. Until it also is that on the webpage, use the http://dynamobuilds.com to get it.

As far as I can see the “update” is made in anticipation of Revit 2019.

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Cheers guys. So would the conventional wisdom regarding Dynamo updates be to simply ignore the (seemingly broken) update prompt, and instead go through this link?

I have updated my dynamo to 1.3.3 and it is working as expected… even for Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V :slight_smile:
But I did also update to Revit 2018.3 prior to the dynamo update!

anyone with proof that 1.3.3 kills off 2016 usability? like 1.3 did with 2015? just trying to confirm a rumor.

1.3.3 seems to not support 2016. This same conversation happened with Revit 2015 last year, and will happen again next year. :disappointed: : I have clients in 2016 still, and I plan on managing it on a case by case basis. (Dynamo 2.0 installs alongside 1.3.2 which supports Revit 2016 for instance.)

The Dynamo team seems to support the most recent 3 versions of Revit.

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I went ahead and did the manual download/install, and things appear to be working okay. That said, the initial question/weirdness stands i.e. the green “A Dynamo Update is Available” prompt appears to be broken and maybe someone needs to fix/get rid of it.