Updating Dynamo

Morn’n all, I have 2018.3 Revit with Dynamo 2.0.2. I get the little green cloud in the upper right corner of my dynamo start screen telling me there’s an update. I pick the cloud & get a notice I need to close all hosts (Revit & Dynamo) in order to update.
I pick the ‘ok’ button, Dynamo closes, Revit closes, … and nothing happens.
Question: What should happen? Does it happen in the background? Are there any notices or anything I can see to tell me something is happening?
Is there something else I need to do before updating (ie: uninstall all packages, hold my tongue on the top right side, ?)?

Close all the things (Revit, Dynamo, etc), and then install 2.0.3 using the installer found here: https://dynamobuilds.com/