Dynamo Studio "Send to Web" possible geometry range limit

Does anyone know if web-hosted Dynamo, which is only available via Dynamo Studio, has any geometry range limit? I can’t reproduce the same geometry that I created in DS. Although the canopy itself doesn’t look too big, for construction purposes, I used lines that meet 1000 feet away from the origin.
Has anyone experienced the same issue?


@Aparajit_Pratap - Can you take a look at this?

@Enrico_Chionna - Can you please provide us with your graph?

PlazaCanopy-v2_web.dyn (209.5 KB)

Web link: https://dynamo.autodesk.com/share/58b8e850b04a3a745fce7e3a

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@Racel this doesn’t look like an issue related to ASM scaling as the values used in this graph are relatively small. There are known issues with display in Customizer/Fractal display though. Forwarded you an email.

Thanks @Aparajit_Pratap - Will look into the display issue some more with the team