Bounding box or something

Hi It’s Christmas Eve and i have some (noobish) geometry problems. I created a voronoi on surface and I have no idea how to cut all the extents and stay only with the geometry I need. In my case they are around 40 kilometers long :slight_smile:
Happy Holidays everyone!
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Hi Viktor,

Why not query the curve’s length and discard the ones that are over a certain realistic limit? Happy holidays :slight_smile:


Thanks, Dimitar.

I tried it and in the lists everything looks fine to me. Though when i try to create sweeps over the curves it gives me some strange results. dyn1

Hey Viktor,

What method are you using to create your sweeps? I recommend “Solid.BySweep”:


Previously i used surface.bySweep. I tried it with solid now and the results are identical.s1

I found a mistake. I was keeping the path for the sweep from the unsortet nodemistake

Thanks a lot, Dimitar.
I was also wondering is there a way to create a non-linear type of geometry from this with Dynamo? I am thinking of something like these:

vor1 vor2

I don’t think you can accomplish that with out of the box Dynamo. Hopefully someone can prove me wrong tho. Good luck! :slight_smile: