TinSurface.Triangles error

I’m getting an error with the TinSurface.Triangles node. “Unable to create line. Points are likely coincident.”. My geometry scaling is set to “large” since my project coordinates are in the 500,000 ft range. Any ideas on how to get this node to work with my surface. I’ve attached an Landxml file for the surface. You’ll need to change the file extension from .txt to .xml.Topsoil-Master.txt (3.3 MB)

@keith.sowinski you should never change the working range from Medium.

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I’m getting conflicting information on this topic from Autodesk. I have a post from @nigel.peters on the Infrastructure Futures formum that says he recommends the large or extra large setting when working with civil entities a long way from the drawing origin.

What is the reason behind only using medium?

One issue with not using a working range that is compatible with your project coordinates is it will result in an error indicating just that. So, every time I have a user run the script in Dynamo Player, they are going to get an error and they won’t know what the error is. Then, I’m going to get an e-mail or phone call every time asking about it.

@keith.sowinski, fwiw, I raised the issue with Large Coordinates to the Dynamo team in April 2017 when they introduced the concept of Geometry Working Range (long before Dynamo for Civil 3D was even on the radar in Autodesk), see here.

In my tests, “Medium” is not introducing geometrical aberrations but you have to cope with the warning (not error) you get regarding the coordinates. That was also the recommendation I gave to the product team that developed Dynamo for Civil 3D.

@Daniel.Gijsbers recently pointed out to me that, in CivilConnection, if you use the Function.Apply() node the warning message is “swallowed” and Dynamo completes without raising any issues. I had not time to investigate further so far but it could be a nice best practice to introduce also in Dynamo for Civil 3D.

Thank you Paolo,

the trick Paolo spoke of:

So applied to this case this is how it looks, with the medium geometry working range and no warnings.

I have not been able to test this because I can’t seem to get CivilConnection working. It will not show up in Dynamo for me. Based on what I’ve read in this document, I think we need Revit installed. That is not an option for me.


The same can also be done by wrapping the code in design script that effectively does nothing (IE: List.GetItemAtIndex([stuffyoudid,0],0);). However both can come back to haunt you as warnings and errors which process could fail to be recognized.

That above is Dynamo for Civil 3D.

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I gave it a try, but I’m still getting the warning. Am I missing something?

It did work using the Function Apply node.

it still gives you a warning…