Dynamo Studio - How to add the Revit .DLL to it?

After using Dynamo Sandbox with Revit for the last few months with some great success, we purchased a couple of copies of Dynamo Studio. I can’t find any information about being able to add the Revit extensions to Dynamo Studio, or anything that even says you can or can’t. Since The Sandbox shows Revit as a .DLL extension, seems I should be able to add that to Studio and at least be able to see/use Revit nodes without having them decapitated.

Hi Jason,

Read this http://dynamoprimer.com/10_Packages/10-5_Zero-Touch.html

Hi Jason,
To use Revit functionality, Dynamo needs to be running inside of the Revit process, so even if you load the Revit node extensions they won’t be able to execute properly. For instance, a “Select Model element” will not have the Revit context in from which to select elements and will show up as “Unresolved”. With Dynamo Studio and Dynamo for Revit, you will be able use all common functionality, such as list manipulation, Geometry, Math, Excel, most packages, etc. As soon as you need to interact with the Revit API, you will need to be using Dynamo as it is launched from within Revit.

It’s worth noting that not all applications are like this. For instance, Excel allow you to easily interact with a session of Excel from “outside”, and some applications will respond “headless”, or return information without actually firing up the application’s user interface. Revit is really set up to be interacting inside of a session of running Revit. There are ways to wrestle it into a more “headless” interaction, but we have not set this up.

Hope that helps