Dynamo needs a Revit license?

Is the issue that Dynamo needs a Revit license.
if I installed a Revit Trial version,
would the Dynamo still work in 30 days later?
Is there a problem with keeping using?

Core Dynamo is open source, and does not need a Revit liscense to be run. Core Dynamo can be used to create and manipulate a variety of geometric data, and is also very powerful as an interoperability tool.

Dynamo studio is a monthly cost and allows access to customizer for using Dynamo graphs over the web, as well as project Fractal for generative designs and option/selection management.

If you want access to the Revit functionalities (that is you want to interact with a Revit model), than Dynamo for Revit is required, so you must first launch Revit and then Dynamo from there, and a license or subscription is required.

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Hi! JacobSmall,

Thank you your answer.

If i don’t need access to the Revit functionalities,
Is there any problem using it directly?

C:\Program Files\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\1.3

Only dynamo can be launch.

Dynamo4Revit (the one you start from within Revit or DynamoStandalone.exe) use the AutodeskShapeManager geometry kernel (LibG) included with Revit and most likely won’t work without a valid revit license.

DynamoStudio packages its own geometry library and can work without a Revit install but still needs a license (albeit a lot cheaper than a Revit license).

DynamoCore (as found on GitHub) does not include any geometry libraries by default and if you decide to use it with another application. You can still use all of the list management nodes and the design script syntax, but if you need to perform any geometry calculations, you’ll have to provide an alternative kernel. In other words, you’ll have all of the list functionality and access to the design script syntax but you won’t be able to call Line.ByStartPointEndPoint or any of the other methods exposed in LibG.

Hi ! Dimitar_Venkov,

I understood that there are various restrictions.

Thank you your answer.