Archi-lab package install problem

Hey, i’m having a problem with archi-lab package. Since i’ve upgraded from 2.0.3 to 2.1.0, archi-lab package wouldnt show up in package manager. I had it working in 2.0.3. Now when I try to install it on 2.1.0 it pops up with this error

(it’s in polish but it means Cannot create file, that already exists.)

now, i’ve tried reinstalling dynamo as a whole, I’ve erased root directory completely - it didn’t help, I’ve even erased archi-lab from 1.3.4 directory - still cannot get it installed on 2.1.0.

Installing older versions or “to folder” gives me the same error.

Could this be related to version 2.1.0 not really suitable for revit 2019?

After wiping every trace of dynamo with CCleaner and some 3-rd party uninstalling software, I’ve downgraded to 2.0.3 - archi-lab is back up and running. Too bad it wouldn’t work with 2.1.0

Dynamo for Revit 2.1 is only available for Revit 2020. Dynamo 2.0.3 is the latest installer provided for Revit 2017, 2018, and 2019.

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I’m facing this same identical problem with, but I have Dynamo 2.10 with Revit 2022.
All other packages are installing correctly. is not…
Is someone in the same condition?

I usually try a bit older version of a package if the newest has problems installing.

I do not think Konrad has issued a version for 2022 yet (check the description on the package manager). You may want to reach out to @Konrad_K_Sobon directly via his website or patreon.

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For Revit 2022 download 2022.210.1022 That number basically breaks down to:

  • 2022 - doesn’t mean anything
  • 210 - Dynamo 2.10
  • 10 - current build
  • 22 - version of Revit that it was issued for

So the same build but 2022.210.1021 would be for Revit 2021. Just FYI. I had to stick those last two digits for Revit version number at the end since every release has to have a higher number per package manager rules.


Had the same problem.
Enlightening… missed that!
Now i’m seeing the nodes!

Thanks a lot!!

Revit 2022 Dynamo 2.10, none arch-lab package can be installed :frowning:

Pick the latest version of Archilab which ends in a 22. Note that you are also missing several Revit updates, including some key security fixes so best to update Revit first.