Dynamo - Session Specific Parameter or Container

Hi All,

Just wondering if dynamo has the ability to create,read and update a parameter within a session of Dynamo.

Usage example as follows:

  • On first run of script, parameter is set to a value of 1. Script uses this value to set True/False Boolean within the script.
  • On second run, checks if parameter exists and if it does, doesn’t create it again, but reads the value and interprets this to change the true/ false Boolean before setting the parameter value to 0.

So that each time the script is run it reads the parameter and adjusts the workflow accordingly.

Alternatively, a parameter in Revit could be set and read, is this the work around?
Is so, which would be suitable?

Any advice is appreciated.

I do this kind of thing by storing stuff in text files, basically like a small config file that your graph reads at the beginning and stores at the end of each run.

Thanks for that Andreas, so busy trying to think one linear when there is a lateral solution. This is great. Any one else have thoughts, just seeing as this is Dynamo/Revit and there is always several ways to end up with the same result?