Dynamo Section Lines

I’m trying to select section lines in a model. But when I use section catagory nothing is selected

Try Element Types and All Elements of Type.
For Element Types set it to Views

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Thank you for your feedback. It still doesn’t select the section line in a plan view. I’m trying to hide the section lines in a view.

Hello @Dan_Deery,

You can achieve this with an Archilab node:

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Thanks. That will give me the view but not the section line. I can turn it off manually by turning off the annotation category. How do i select the section line. If I use the category node and choose section it does not select the section line. I presumed it would

Its a bit confusing but section are actually views with this python script you get all views in the active view.
you have to filter out the one you need.

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It’s selected, you just have to hide it. The UI is a bit odd in this case.

Thank you again for your help. I can get the view but it wont hide,

Looks like a working graph to me.

The section line is not hiding

Do you have a View Template applied to that section? Also, are you giving it the view to hide, or the view you are trying to hide it in? You have to give it the view you want to hide the section in, not the section view.

can you double check if you have the correct view?

I use this node from archilab
in elements feed the sections you want to hide
in view feed the view which contains the section you want to hide.

I just tested your graph and it works but only if there is no View Template applied as @SeanP said before.
So all other sections in view(section 1) will be hidden.

see screencast