Dynamo script specific per project

Hello guys,

I’ve got a question about the Dynamo scripts.
We have made several Dynamo scripts for our company.

Problem is that we are having multiple projects and the dynamo scripts have to be adjusted for that specific project. File locations and names for example have to be manually edited for the project.
All the dynamo scripts are in a specific folder which is linked into the Dyno browser in Revit.
When i edit a script this will affect everybody using this script (for different projects).

I know you can name a specific folder in Dyno browser, but is this the only way to make sure everybody uses the right scripts?
So, creating a folder for every new project with the specific scripts for that project and link this one in the Dyno browser, or is there another solution for this problem?
Because if that’s the way, we need to change the file path in Dyno browser several times a week (because we work on multiple projects weekly)

Hope you guys can help me out on this one…
Thanks in advance

You could try using Dynamo Player as an alternative. It’s easy enough that users can oath to the right graphs in their own.

Thank you for replying :slight_smile:
I do want to try the dynamo player, but somehow it is not working… When i click the dynamo player it looks like it is starting, because the icon is greyed out after clicking it. But Dynamo player won’t start.
This problem occured since Revit 2017… We are now using Revit 2018.3 and the problem is still there.
Tried uninstalling and reinstall after, didn’t work…
It could be that the dynamo player is a solution…


can you check if this might be the trouble

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I have seen that solution too, but there is no file in my appdata local with that name… i tried to look in different folders to try and find the file, but no success so far…