Dynamo Player settings shared between 2021 and 2022?

Hello all, I need some help with a new-to-us environment that I’m hoping almost all of you are currently using. We have historically ran Revit on VMware cloud machines that are version specific so that there was never any cross contamination between the versions. We’re trying to get a new set of machines setup with all 4 of the current versions installed (19-22). Everything seemed to be going well until we started looking at Dynamo Player in 2021 and 2022. They share the same settings file path…

%localappdata%\dynamoplayer-4\User data\dynamoplayerinstance 1

So if someone were to open player in 21 and browses to a folder, this would be a folder with v2.6 scripts. Then when opening the player in 22 this v2.6 folder will be the first thing they see (But 22 is meant to run v2.10 scripts, but I’m sure you knew that)…that’s not a good thing.

Side note, we have scripts that run with the launch of Revit that preset the settings for player, among other things, so that they would be pointed at the correct network folder the first time they launch the player.

Is there any way around this? I’m assuming we have to wait for Autodesk to update the player/Dynamo so that they will look at a new local settings folder? (dynamoplayer-5, anyone?)

I don’t have any workarounds for you unfortunately, but it is a known bug that is fixed in the next release.

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