Dynamo Player forgets path for scripts

Hello Dynamo Community,

In the dynamo player I have to set the path for the scripts again everytime i start a new revit session.
This also happens to 50% of my coworkers, the others have no issues.

Any thoughts on what is causing this behaviour?

Happy abou any advice!
kind regards

The path you enter in the dynamo-player won’t be saved for the next time if I am not mistaken. Change the path in the dynamo-editor and save the file. Afterwards this path should be used everytime in dynamo-player.

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after a revit update it unually resets for me.
does your IT department restrict saving to centain parts of your computer?
those paths get saved to an .ini file, or something, in your appdata if im not mistaken.

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Hello again and thanks for your replies!

Usually we only have to set this path a single time after changing to the new revit version, now we loose it every day.
I will ask the IT department for help, but if anyone has more info on where this ini file is located please tell me :slight_smile:

So i looked up the Revit.ini file stored at “AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk Revit 2022”, there is no path for dynamo in there.

The IT-department suggested to delete the Revit.ini file so it will be restored with default values.

But can that really help if this path isn´t even stored there…i will give it a try