Naming / Folder Structure for DYN files

Couldn’t find anything via search. How do you guys name/sort your scripts to stay organized?

hi @nickroz

Project numer and sequence, if sequence is not important, no projectnumber.
In every project there is a folder called Dynamo, it has all the .dyn relevant to the project.


Hi. We also have a Dynamo folder located in each project folder. This is where project specific scripts are put. Dynamo player scripts are located on a shared network drive and each user has this location mapped. This is also where a shared package location is stored. Files have the Dynamo version, and a basic description of what it does. Eg (D1.3) or (DP1.3) if it is a player script, then “Place newest view on current sheet”

(DP1.3) Place newest view on current sheet.dyn

A central library of created scripts also exists that is sorted with scripts divided into folders by Revit category

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This is what we try to do:

General use scripts start in the sandbox/versionnumber/“What the script does”-“Who Wrote It”/“What the Script Does”-Version#.dyn.

When ready they go the the player directory with the name “What The Script Does”.dyn.

We also save project specific stuff in a dynamo folder on the project drive. 80% of those get moved to the sandbox eventually so someone could start there - basically if we might ever want it again than the script should move to the sandbox and when anyone wants it again they can start there and generalize the selections/inputs so it can move into the player directory.

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