Dynamo Script places Line Bases Family Instances on top of each other

Hello Everyone,

I have made some Line based family types in Revit, but there is a problem with them.
(Only) The line bases family instances get placed on top of each other. Normal Family Types are just placed normal on the calculated points:

Does someone know why this happens?

@Daan, do you think it would help to have your dyn and rvt to look into this?

How do you think your mechanic would respond if you them up and said over the phone My car makes a funny noise when I turn the wheel. What is wrong with it??

My guess is that the mechanic would say “Bring the car in and we can have a look at it.” If you pressed hard to get more specifics they’d likely say something like “Could be a belt, or a sprocket, or a widget, or your flux capacitor, or anything really. Bring it in and we can have a look at it.”

In that spirit: “Could be list lacing, levels, units, family construction, collection mistake, a filter failure, element binding, a loop issue, overzealous recollection of elements or a gremlin at play. Post the dyn and rvt and someone can likely give you better info.”


I agree @JacobSmall but i was kinda tired the moment of creating the topic :slight_smile:

The problem though was with my project units, they were set to mm instead of meters.