Dynamo script nods problem

I started a script for a complex roof framing modelisation.
The first part is working but i don’t understand why the second part doesn’t work.
Indeed, the second part allows to create the framing part but this part doesn’t want to create the framing beams.
Have you got an answer i will take it with pleasure.
Thank you!

What is the error?

Can you expand the preview for the List.Flatten node, and the StructuralFraming.BeamByCurve node?

Also add a List.Clean node with a false value for preserve indicies, and Object.Type node, and a List.UniqueItems node in sequence, with all previews expanded, after the List.Flatten node. Post another camera export when done.

This is The problem!:wink:

What does the error on the StructuralFraming node say?

The last node say " the multiplicities of other interior knots must be as most degree -2"
“Paramater name knots”
I don’t know what he says to me!:sweat_smile:

I NEED HELP! I still don’t find the solution to this issue!:disappointed_relieved:

Are your nurbscurves completely straight? Couldn’t tell from the pics… If so extract the start and endpoint and create a new line out of them and feed that into the structural framing node.

Hello Jostein,
I tried your option but it still doesn’t work.
So let me to send the script with the last node’s problem
If you just can look it and propose an other solution it could be Awesome
Thank you very much.
For the recap, I got a grid of curve which is project on the complexe roof form but i can’t generat beams from curve. and the error message is “The multiplicities of other interior knots must be at most degree - 2.
Parameter name: knots”
WIP_EMI-Structure Brita 1.0 for forum.dyn (9.3 KB)

It should at least give you inaccurate curves. Can you show what you tried here and what failed?

Also, you’ll need to supply a stripped down Revit model for anyone to test your graph with.

Structural Beams need a straight line or simple curve with a single radius - there is no beam by Spline tool in Revit. Since your nurbs curves are neither of those things, you won’t get traditional beams to create in this way.

Instead, you’ll need to use an adaptive component or other method for creating this framing.