Creating Beams between 2 objects

I am very new to Dynamo. Only using it for just over a week now. I am trying to create a series of beams between 2 steel framing members. The script I tried to create doesn’t seem to be working. Initially I was getting an error message, it seems to be around the range that I created. I just can’t seem to get it resolved. Please could someone point me as to what I am doing wrong.

Now I am getting this message pop up.

@TPadayachee In Dynamo, anything when written in double quotes is treated as a string.
So your “1” represents number one in string format and that’s not what your nodes are looking for.

Change the “1” & “0” to simply 1 & 0 as shown below:

Note: I would make those changes > save the file > close the file > reopen the file and start working again

Thanks mate. That worked a trick. Much appreciated.

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SO I encountered another issue. Just when I thought the script run which it did but it doesn’t present the beams to be modelled straight. Any ideas how I can resolve this from the amended script?

The direction of the lines extracted for your set-out is different, so the points at parameters will not line up.

Add in a function similar to this to check if the direction of the set-out lines is consistent.
Note that the ‘Vector.IsAlmostEqualTo’ node will only be helpful if set-out framing are aligned, angled framing will need a tweaked workflow.

Parallel Beams.dyn (38.3 KB)