StructuralFraming.BeamByCurve Error

Hello. I bumped into an issue with Str.framing modeling with Dynamo.
I have modeled adaptive 4 points ceilings panels in Revit (paneling of a curved surface that is finished and I don’t have the surface). The idea is to take one edge point from each panel and use this point to model a curve in Dynamo. But I got an error: Unable to obtain a plane for the curve-driven instance. I tried to simplify the dynamo curve, redid it in in different ways but still have the same result. Does anybody have any idea what the reason ?

Could you manually place a single beam of that family type along that curve? If not than Dynamo won’t be able to either. Dynamo can’t do what Revit can’t do.

Instead you need to make an adaptive component for your structural framing member which will allow you to place multiple points along the way. Alternatively you could segment the beam, or use an in-place family swept along the path made by that curve.

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I can’t put the beam manually as well. But the point that the shape is not complicated relatively to what you can find on YouTube about this topic and it works there.

And you’re sure they aren’t using an adaptive component beam? Can you share a link?