Dynamo Sandbox without Revit - current status?

Which version of of Sandbox are you trying to install? Are you installing from dynamobuilds.com - as shown below?

yes and I was installing the Build 2.41 and the 2.40

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Warning: Point.ByCoordinates failed.
The type initializer for “Autodesk.LibG.LibGPINVOKE” has caused an exception.

I received this message

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I am following up with the developers on this one :slight_smile: Will get back to you when I have answers!

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Hello @J.Rymer,

We can use the CLI to point to the location of data inside FormIt as a workaround to what should be happening automatically as per this wiki entry: https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/wiki/Dynamo-Command-Line-Interface

Can you try the following steps please and let me know if it works:

  1. Open up your Command Prompt
  2. Find the location of where you unzipped Dynamo Sandbox. e.g. C:\Documents\Dynamo Sandbox Versions\DynamoCoreRuntime_2.4.0
  3. Find the location of your FormIt route directory. e.g. C:\Program Files\Autodesk\FormIt
  4. Type into the command prompt: C:\Documents\Dynamo Sandbox Versions\DynamoCoreRuntime_2.4.0\DynamoCLI.exe -gp "location of FormIt route directory here"

Have a go with this and tell me if it helps :slight_smile: We are in this case using the CLI (Command Line Interface, or Dynamo without UI) to access a special call to point things to the right location!

In theory you should be able to open up the same Dynamo version after this and have Geometry working.


Theres a few corrections here to use this flag correctly.

  1. This flag only exists on 2.5 and master builds - it won’t work in 2.4
  2. while you can use this flag on the CLI - you can also start DynamoSanbox.exe with it. (which sounds like what you want).

ie DynamoSandbox.exe -gp "pathToFormitASM"


Is this still true? Is there any way to use geometry inside Dynamo without having one of those programs installed?


Dynamo Studio would do this. However you are capped at 1.3. For newer builds there is no solution without the additional programs at this time.


Hi solamour,

I tried this Method with the Version 2.41 and as @Michael_Kirschner2 described it should just work for the Version 2.5 and Master Builds. Now the question would be which one from all the 2.5xxxx Versions?

Hi Michael

I just wrote a message to @solamour about your explanation. I tried to apply it on a 2.5 version but it didn’t really work. Maybe I am not downloading the correct version. Any Help ? I will really appreciate it.

Hello @J.Rymer,

Any of the Dynamo 2.5 daily builds should work fine with this - For example, the latest of: DynamoCoreRuntime_2.5.0.7186_20191220T1456.zip

Can you please let us know exactly what you are typing into your Terminal / Command Prompt ?

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@solamour it works perfect now ! I think es had to do with the version of the Dynamo I was using. Thank You a lot to you and @Michael_Kirschner2 .

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Brilliant! Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

For the other Colleagues that look for Information on this particular topic I would like to post the solution that had been explained from @solamour and @Michael_Kirschner2 in several parts of the Original Posts and some additional way in order to skip the Terminal / Command Prompt (cmd) work.

  1. Get Installed FormIt. I think it would be the easiest and no that heavy software to have from Autodesk in order to use his Geometry tool and activate the Background 3D Preview in DynamoSandbox.
  2. Download the DynamCoreRuntime_2.5xxxx. As explained from @Michael_Kirschner2 this work around will work for the 2.5xxxx Version and Masterbuild.
  3. Unpack the DynamoCoreRuntime_2.5xxxx with the 7-Zip tool !!!. Try not to use other tool. It didn’t work for me and 7-Zip is free.
  4. Create a Pfad. I normally create the Pfad, Cut it and paste it on my Desktop
  5. As @solamour Explained on his Answer:
  1. As @Michael_Kirschner2 Described:
  1. And here I will explain what I realized and copied from a Post of Changing the Language of Dynamo: https://dynamobim.org/multilingual-dynamo/

the Same that has been done here, can be done with this work-around ! in order to have it all the time available and avoid repeating the steps again and again and again ( I think that is the logic behind Coding :grin: :grin: :grin: avoid to repeat boring and tedious Tasks )

  1. I just wrote on the Target: D:\Users\BKU\juanramonrymerdemarc\Desktop\DynamoCoreRuntime_2.5\DynamoSandbox.exe /L “en-US” -gp “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\FormIt”
    The Information here should be different in your Computer depending of the location of your files. As You can see I even have two Partitions and it works the same. Here I change the Language of my Dynamo ( From German to English - I like more to use those tools in English :slight_smile:) and also connect the Geometry Interface from Formit ( as Explained from the Colleagues ).

  2. Apply button and Voila !! You just have your DynamoSandbox without Revit full in Action !!!. I think that the Main thing is in order to learn and play around Dynamo without having to use your REVIT ( and when your are @ Work it is also a dangerous thing to be playing around I guess )

I hope this resume can Help the other Colleagues in the Forum. I am also trying to improve my Dynamo Knowledge so when I find a “short cut” I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot @solamour and @Michael_Kirschner2

Kind Regards