Dynamo Sandbox without Revit - current status?

I appreciate that this topic has been visited previously and I’ve found a few links to the issue but so far nothing definitive or up to date. I’d like to run Dynamo Sandbox without the Revit 2020 30GB install overhead as I don’t need the latter or any Revit-specific functionality.

Currently I’m getting the ‘could not load file or assembly or one of its dependencies’ warning. I assume a few additional dll’s are required? If so, is there a link available for the requisite items?

Or am I missing the point completely and the easy (non-Revit) answer is staring me in the face?

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Dynamo sandbox will run without Revit I believe. You need to download the latest Zip file from dynamobuilds.com. This blogpost discusses it quite a bit.


can you please share the context of the error, where are you seeing that? What did you install etc.

I’m attempting to run Dynamo Sandbox (Dynamo Core 2.1) without Revit or any other Autodesk product installed - which apparently require the full ‘AutodeskShapeManager geometry kernel (LibG)’. I assumed that the Sandbox would work ‘standalone’ and that its ‘libg’ directories would provide access to all basic non-Revit graphic functionality.

A test using ‘PointByCoordinates gives :-

*Warning: Point.ByCoordinates operation failed. *
Could not load file or assembly ‘file:///C:\Program Files\Autodesk\DynamoCoreRuntime2.1.0\DynamoCoreRuntime2.1.0\LibG.ProtoInterface.dll’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

If I move the ‘LibG.ProtoInterface.dll directly into the DynamoCoreRuntime2.1.0 directory the warning changes to :-

*Warning: Point.ByCoordinates operation failed. *
Method ‘Approximate’ in type ‘Autodesk.LibG.CurveHost’ from assembly ‘LibG.ProtoInterface, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ does not have an implementation.

Hence my question regarding additional dll’s.

I believe the geometry engine requires the LibG libraries you note above. In prior versions I believe that having other sources (beyond just Revit - day AutoCAD, Fusion, etc) would work, but I cannot confirm if that’s still the case.

What software are you trying to interface with?

Dynamo works without Revit or other Autodesk software installed. The geometry library does not - it relies on having an adsk product installed - currently Revit, Civil 3d or Formit. (in 2.1)

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Thanks for all your replies – the mist is beginning to clear!

Will try the Civil 3D install as Formit Pro appears to require online access and Revit is a bit ‘top-heavy’ size-wise.

Interface-wise, in the past I’ve found the Dynamo → Unity visualisation workflow useful when leveraging the former’s geometry functionality. I had Revit installed at the time but don’t need it now as my interest is early-stage concept development rather than full-blown BIM.

My prime focus currently is architectural design in VR on ‘low-end’ tech –
Namely the Oculus GO and Quest so not interested in the Enscape/Revit route.
The GO is adequate for the purpose in spite of its ‘consumer’ label and the Quest will surpass that.

I do not wish to upset anyone in the Autodesk behemoth but am working towards the day when VR is a standalone-one-on-nearly-every-desk thing rather than a curated-wired-to-powerful-PC millstone.

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Won’t upset anyone on this end. We are after the same thing. :slight_smile:

I have worked with customers who have done some really impressive stuff with Dynamo To Unity directly.

Formit is likely something you should look into as well. Not only does it enable you loading up the geometry engine in Dynamo but it also allows manual geometry manipulation via UI after Dynamo creates it. The desktop app is pretty handy as well. It’s way underused for conceptual work.

Dear Team,

is it definite that autodesk product is must for sandbox to run?

i am new user to dynamo, very enthusiastic towards visual programing.

I have been breaking my head to create a single point is sandboox. I am opening a basic file got from Dynamo primer…but failed sofar.

i have access to 3 system as below. Noting worked a bit.

  1. Sys-1- Administrative rights, Win7, 32bit, 4gb ram, directx11,VC++2013 & 2015 (only autocad from adsk) - Sandbox not open indicating the “d3dcompiler_47.DLL” not designed for windows.

  2. Sys-2- Administrative rights, Win7, 64bit, 4gb ram, directx11,VC++2013 & 2015,No graphic card (No app from adsk, i cannot install any product on it) - Sandbox openable (with warning on grphics from console) but “Point.ByCo-ordinate” showed warning. (ref sys-3 image for warning msg) Hence copied the “libg_223_***” folders to “C:\Users\Softwares\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\2.2\packages” the warning changed as “Warning: Point.ByCoordinates operation failed. Could not load file or assembly ‘LibG.Managed, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.”

  1. Sys-3- User rights, Win10, 64bit, 8gb ram, directx12,VC++2013 & 2015,Nividia graphic card (sandbox set for high performance) (Revit, Autocad from adsk & TEKLA—i cannot install any product on it) - Sandbox openable, (No warning in console, its perfect) but “Point.ByCo-ordinate” shows warning.![Sys-3%20Win10-64bit|690x431]

Due to the image post limitation in the forum please see my next post for the image reference to the system-3

I could no able to make a single step in my learning. Help me to figure a way… Thank is advance.

Note: i cant install app / programs in all above 3 systems.

i have tried the following sanbox

Stable release:

Daily builds

All unziped with “7-Zip” app.

i downloaded and installed Revit but did not activate it, then it worked for me.


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I have heard that you need to have at least one autodesk product installed to be able to utilise the geometric elements of dynamo sandbox. This could be revit or autocad as a example

My sys-3 has Revit 2014, Autocad 2013 from adsk installed, but still dynamo sandbox not working properly.

I copied the “LibG.Protointerface.dll” from Libg_202** folder to dynamo coreruntime_2.2.1.5175 folder (where i unzip the app).

Now the warning changed as below.

Pretty sure the references that Dynamo uses have changed in the six years since 2014 came out. I think you will need something 2018 or newer.

Hello Akuc007,

Dynamo Sandbox will run stand-alone without any Autodesk software if you don’t want to use Geometry. This blog post explains a little more about Sandbox.

If you want to use Geometry in Dynamo Sandbox (Which I believe is what you are asking) you will need to have a recent version of Revit, FormIt or Civil 3D. We typically support the most recent version and two versions backwards.

If you are looking for Geometry inside of Sandbox then please go to your manage.autodesk.com tab and install one of these applications :slight_smile:

Hi salamour,

Thank you. now i understood recent version of adsk app needed for Dynamo to support shapes (geometry).

Once again thank you.

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Hi Solamour

I would like just to ask something. where I should install the Dynamo Build in order to have also the Geometry Enviroment? I have Formit and Dynamo Studio installed in my computer. Thank You in advance for your Help

Hello @J.Rymer - If you are talking about Dynamo Sandbox it should automatically pick up the Geometry from FormIt :slight_smile: Feel free to unzip it anywhere you wish!

Thank You for your answer @solamour: Regretfully it doesn’t. I don´t know if I did something wrong at the Unzip process. I got the same messages in previous comments from the other Colleagues here. I can open the Dynamo Tool in Formit but that version is the Build 2.1. Any Help ? I would really appreciate it and thank you in advance